May 2009

Professor Peter Donkor was on Kwaku One-on-One on 17th May 2009


There is a small team of surgeons Kumasi who are performing miracles. They’re transforming the faces of children who have cleft lip & palate & making them whole again & literally saving their lives. This piece of Magic is done at no cost to the patient. Prof. Peter Donkor is the founder & president of the GHANA CLEFT FOUNDATION which raises money to pay for what you just saw. Prof. Donkor is one of the world top plastic surgeons. He’s with more than a quarter century of trainning & pratice in AUSTRALIA, BRITAIN & GHANA. He is the provost of the college of health sciences in Kumasi. If Prof. Donkor chose, he could be raking in the millions in Europe or America. Instead, he & his team have elected to mend the faces of poor children closer to home & prevent their rural parents from abandoning them to die. Prof. Peter Donkor, world class Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon, is my guest.

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