November 2016

GH Elections: Cowardly Media? One-eyed Police? Ethnic Bigots?

Ghana’s Presidential and Parliamentary elections beckon. Ballot papers are ready; Observers are pouring in, in droves; Candidates are combing towns and villages, kicking up storms of dust on hitherto lonely country roads to make their final full-throated deliveries; and voters are warming up their thumbs.
For some reason my thumb started twitching since last week. Involuntary spasms. The thumb itself can’t wait. it’s like a dog going ahead of its owner! i’m like, “hey, easy, thumby!”

Tonight, we’ll have a conversation on three election-related issues:
One: Should the media pay fees to the EC to cover elections? journalists themselves appear divided on the matter.

Two: The police have been accused of being selective in the application of their powers. Is that a fair charge?

Three: there’s tribal talk wafting in the air – accusations and counter-accusation of ethnocentrism between the two leading presidential candidates. Is tribalism or regionalism or ethnocentrism – However you choose to call it – A major factor in our elections or not? Must we confront it, if it is? and how?

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