April 2017

Writing Wisdom. Wo(men)

Some people are spirits even while they’re alive. They’re not like me and you. God made them specially on the eighth day after (s)he had rested and was at his/her most creative.


Prof Ama Ata Aidoo, is one of them.

She’s a prolific poet, novelist, academic & thinker who’s read, analyzed, critiqued and celebrated all over the world.

I would place her among god’s commemorative beings into whom he/she breathed more breath than us…mere off the shelf mass produced human pieces. She’s taught all over the world over the past four and half decades and even at the ripe young age of 75, she continues to command audiences in droves. In fact she’s just out this year with a new book titled “after the ceremonies”, a collection of new and selected poems.

On top of everything, Ama Ata Aidoo is also a mother… Mother of Kinna Likimani, an academic in her own right, and an irrepressible feminist and scourge and pain of chauvinists everywhere…. including where they sit! She joins me and mummy in conversation over drinks. It’s wo(men). Writing. Wisdom.

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