May 2017

I Thrive Because I See Music As Business – Shatta Wale


Dancehall artiste, Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr., known in show business as Shatta Wale, says until Ghanaian artistes begin to see their craft as a business, they will not thrive in the industry.

This, he said, is what has contributed to his continued success in the music industry.

“Some people see this whole music thing to be an occupation, some people see it as something fancy to let me just wear a chain, come on stage, jam and let people jump around. Some people see it as a business and that’s why we call it show business. Even though we are performing to people, we also think about the business,” he said.

In a conversation on The Lounge last Friday, the ‘We’re taking over’ singer told the host, Kwaku Sakyi-Addo, “I believe when you really want to go far with your music, you really have to see it as a business because when you don’t see it as such, that’s when you come once and you just go back.”

According to him, Nigerian musicians are thriving because they see music as business and in order for their Ghanaian counterparts to effectively compete, they must see it as such.

Contributing to the discussion, Nigerian singer and songwriter, Tiwa Savage was of the firm believe that African musicians have the potential of excelling should they stay true to who they are.

“We really have a shot to make it work. We are not a small [continent]; we are a huge continent and I believe even without global success, I think we have enough people in Africa to make a huge career out of it as a musician,” she said.

My name is from God

Explaining how he came about the stage name ‘Shatta Wale’, he said: “It’s a name from God.”

“I’m always a serious person…I saw myself to be one guy who always wants to get whatever I wanted so I felt, why don’t I get a name that may sound or mean serious and the only name that came into my mind was Shatta and Wale was an abbreviated word I was using from school – World Alerted Lyrical Entertainer,” he added.

The Lounge with Kwaku Sakyi-Addo airs live on Starr FM every Friday from 7pm to 8pm and on GHOne on Sundays from 8pm to 9pm.


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Hack-Attack: What can we do in Ghana about cybercrime?

Thousands of organizations in more than 120 countries are just about dusting themselves off from a massive hack-attack, the phenomenon where your computer malfunctions as a result of a deliberate or accidental spread of a bug, called “malware” in the industry.

In the recent incident it was deliberate, and the perpetrators demanded a ransom in return for “freeing” the victim’s computer.

In an increasingly computerized world; with more and more industries being encouraged to run on paperless processes; with the onset of the internet of things where our everyday appliances and installations at home and work are inter-connected, and with our money becoming slowly progressively virtual, how alarmed should we be?

If we modernize our election processes, could some foreign power interfere with our elections, as the US alleges Russia did in theirs?

Should hack-attacks give us heart attacks? What do you think? Have you been a victim of a cyber attack or crime?

I have three experts who’ll share their insights: Herman Chinery-Hesse is a software entrepreneur and CEO of Soft Tribe, repute’s to be Ghana’s leading software developer; Audrey Mireku is an IT professional, and Dr. Peter Tobin is a cyber-security expert and an “ethical-hacker”.

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