@60 Ghanart: A Conversational Portrait of Art & Photography

Tonight it’s Ghanart 60:
I have the honour and privilege to host two people, a young woman with an elder’s brains, and an elderly man with a youth’s eyes.

First, Nana Oforiatta Ayim: She’s the young one with the elders’ sixth sense. She is an art historian and film-maker. She lived in the UK until recently. Her work is known around the world. She runs the ANO Art gallery which has been featured in major international media including CNN, The Guardian, The NY Times. Some of the exhibits have been sold to collectors in Europe, US and Israel. But she’s barely received a mention at home. I thought we should correct that!

And then we have James Barnor, who’s been taking glamour photographs for nearly 75 years including for Drum Magazine. He opened his first photo studio at James Town in Accra in 1943, and was the first photographer to take colour photos. At 89, through his viewfinder, he can still spot, freeze and preserve beauty. He must have more eyes than two to spot what escapes the sight of youths a quarter his age. He lives in london. I thought I should have a drink with him and see what I might see through his eyes.

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