Conversation with Nik Halek

There aren’t many people on this planet who have been to outer space & seen the earth as we see the moon, climbed the highest peaks and dived to the deepest, darkest dens of the ocean floor.

The man i’m having drinks with tonight has done these… and more. His name is Nik Halek. He’s a Russian-Trained Australian Cosmonaut; he’s climbed Mt. Everest, he’s dived 8km to see the 100 year old carcass of the titanic. He describes himself as a “high adrenalin adventurer” and “wealth strategist.”

His working life is one of five-day weekends. He’s reputed to be worth millions & has homes in the US, Morocco and the Greek Islands!

And apparently, he coaches people to become rich. Where’s this guy been all my life?!?

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