Dr. Henry Seidu Dannaa was on Kwaku One-on-One on April 19th, 2009

It’s difficult enough for an able bodied child from rural Ghana to end up at the London scholl of Economics & earn a PH.D in Law. My guest, Dr. Henry Seidu Dannaa has done that. But here’s the real story: He’s one of 13 children; comes from Tuasa, a desolate village of a few hundredin the upper west region of Ghana, and he’s one of only two people from there to have been to university and he’s blind! He was the first blind person to become a lawyer in Ghana. Today, he’s one of Africa’s leading brains in Chieftancy. he’ll share his unique insights about the relevance of traditional governance system in Africa & whether chieftancy will survive beyond the 21st century. And of course, he’ll tell us how he’s managed to navigate through life so well with just a small white cane.

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