GH VS NAIJA: Our Music. Our Movies. Our Football. Our Jollof. Our People

My guests tonight are two of the most sought-after artistes in Africa: Tiwa Savage from Nigeria and Shatta wale(shatta movement) from Ghana. I couldn’t have had a more talented yet contrasting pair.

Tiwa is fluid and sensuous and delicate, bordering on fragile but don’t be fooled though. Shatta Wale is more roff”, gruff. He’s what in Jamaica they call a “rude bway”; at once a trouble-maker and a music-maker; but loved in equal measure for both. But more significantly, Tiwa and Shatta also represent a growing phenomenon of cross-cultural, bilateral fertilization between Ghana and Nigeria at a very people level.

They appear to be bringing our people together, an enterprise at which the politicians and Ecowas bureaucrats have failed. But make no mistake, the historic rivalry between Ghana and NAIJA bubbles, still, underneath it all. Whose music is nicer? Whose movies are better? Who plays better soccer? Whose women and men make better…um…lovers. And above all, who makes tastier jollof?

We’ll hear the arguments for and against from Tiwa and Shatta. And let’s have your questions and your own verdict too.

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