Ghana’s Space Satellite Launch: What Does It Mean?

On July 7, Ghana took a major step into space science by launching a satellite into orbit. The Satellite is called Ghanasat 1. The development and launch of Ghanasat 1 was the result of collaboration between students and faculty of the All Nations University at Koforidua and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

The satellite was released at an altitude of 400 kilometres above the earth’s atmosphere. Ghanasat -1 will take images of Ghana from that altitude and will even broadcast songs, including the National Anthem, from space to the ground station in Koforidua.

Of course, dozens of countries, including Nigeria, have launched satellites into orbit; and many of the modern conveniences of life today including mobile phone technology have their roots in space technology.

So, what does this development mean for Ghana? What benefits will accrue to Ghana and its people as a result, besides hearing our national anthem blaring from the heavens?

Is this a signal of a new dawn for science and space exploration for Ghana?

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