Hack-Attack: What can we do in Ghana about cybercrime?

Thousands of organizations in more than 120 countries are just about dusting themselves off from a massive hack-attack, the phenomenon where your computer malfunctions as a result of a deliberate or accidental spread of a bug, called “malware” in the industry.

In the recent incident it was deliberate, and the perpetrators demanded a ransom in return for “freeing” the victim’s computer.

In an increasingly computerized world; with more and more industries being encouraged to run on paperless processes; with the onset of the internet of things where our everyday appliances and installations at home and work are inter-connected, and with our money becoming slowly progressively virtual, how alarmed should we be?

If we modernize our election processes, could some foreign power interfere with our elections, as the US alleges Russia did in theirs?

Should hack-attacks give us heart attacks? What do you think? Have you been a victim of a cyber attack or crime?

I have three experts who’ll share their insights: Herman Chinery-Hesse is a software entrepreneur and CEO of Soft Tribe, repute’s to be Ghana’s leading software developer; Audrey Mireku is an IT professional, and Dr. Peter Tobin is a cyber-security expert and an “ethical-hacker”.

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