Hon. J.H. Mensah, an economist, politician & nationalist fight took his turn on KWAKU one-on-one on Sunday, 18th January 2009

My guest is an Economist, Politician & Nationalist fighter who doesn’t suffer dictators lying his back with legs crossed. J.H. Mensah has been in the front row of politics and economic policy in Ghana and Africa for 60years. As head of the N.D.P.C. almost half a century ago, he is creditted with formulating Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s Famous 7years Development Plan at the age of 30. He was M.P and finance minister 40years ago. In the eighties, he was exiled and plotted the overthrow of the Rawlings regime. He returned home and went to parliament as minority leader and later as his brother-in-law President Kufuor’s Economic policy czar. Now nearly 80, he still goes to work regularly as chairman of the National Development Planning Commission. He says there is no equivalent of “RETIRE” in our Ghanaian language. I will prove him wrong in a moment.

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