Masterminds: Conversation with a Family of Geniuses

Nothing makes a parent prouder than to have a child who’s smart. But to have three, prodigies, possibly even more, in one family? Now that is prodigious fantasy! Or is it?

Well, exactly the story of the Gyan-Darkwa family of Kumasi. Ruth Ama Gyan-Darkwa is 13 years old. She’s just been admitted to KNUST. Her older sister Grace is 18 and already in final year at the University of Ghana. And one of their younger siblings might attend university earlier than they did.

Ruth and Grace are my guests on #theLounge, along with their father, Kwadwo Gyan-Darkwa, a teacher. So what’s he and his wife been feeding their children? Or do Mum and Dad possess genius genes?

What are your questions for this special family?

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