Reason to Hope: Ghana’s Young Entrepreneurs

Tonight, three young entrepreneurs join me in the Equator Bar at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel to have a conversation about the prospects of their businesses and how they are altering the world.

It’s very common to hear older people berate younger people for being being serious about nothing, and caring about nothing and knowing nothing and being committed to nothing and doing nothing and will, therefore, amount to… nothing.

They face accusations of being self-absorbed, and cocooned in their cyber world with their virtual friends and phantom families.
Thankfully however, there are many young people in Ghana who are involved in fascinating business ventures, leveraging technology and the connectedness of the 21st century, and employing revenue models unimagined by their 20th century forebears.

Curtis Vanderpuije is the CEO and co-founder of Expresspay, an electronic payments platform; Ses Dagadu, CEO of Tiny David, developers of an innovative addressing system, and Mrs. Nelly Hagan Aboagye Deegbe, CEO of Duaba Serwah, a fashion designer with an increasingly global clientele, and creative director at Heel-the-World, manufacturers of bespoke footwear.

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