The End of Globalization? Part 1

Since the mid 1990s, but particularly in the post-millennial years, we were made to believe that the globe had flattened; that “the world was flat,” which was the title of Tom Friedman’s seminal book of the same title.

Which meant the world was Globalized.
Which meant that everywhere is here, and here is everywhere.
Which meant baabiara ne ha;
Which meant the shrinking of time and space. 
Which meant it didn’t matter anymore where you lived on the globe, you were exposed to the same products and services and job opportunities and ideas and sports and friends.

Because we’re all connected.

Ironically, now it appears that the United Sates and the UK and others in Europe, the Evangelists and Apostles of open societies and free markets whose silicon mountains supplied the chips that miniaturized everything including the earth, now find the world rather too flat.

So is this the beginning of the end of Globalization?
If not, what does the mere trepidation about the phenomenon mean for the future of the connected world?
Is there a force that can possibly stop globalization?

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