The Golden Curse: How Can Ghana Stop Illegal Gold Mining?

onight we’re joining the campaign against illegal mining.

illegal, unregulated mining is ruining our country. It’s rendering our land barren and our rivers poisoned with greed – the same kind of mindless mercantilism and gluttony that turned community leaders and chiefs into collaborators and facilitators of the slave trade many centuries ago.

Today, the Chinese are ravaging our countrysidewith the collusion of our leaders; they’re raping our land to the accompaniment of brass bands.

They’re blinding our police with pocket change from their coin box!
Are we just naïve? Or has the mercury damaged our brains too?

Well, the man in charge of the minerals commission, Dr. Toni Aubynn joins me for drinks tonight. He’s spent almost his entire working life in mining. He’s even a chief from a mining community. No one is better placed to tell us what the heck is going on!

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