Sleep well, Bro Hugh. Now, rest…

I’ve been playing lots of Hugh Masekela​ in remembrance of a great music star and a good man. I played tracks from “Time” (his 2002 record) because I first heard them in his car as we drove to his farm-house outside Johannesburg a few weeks after he released it.

I’m proud to say Hugh was my friend. But, I’m not special. Because Hugh treated everyone as special, as though We made the music and We were the star. Everyone was Hugh’s friend and He was their fan. Hugh cared about people.

Hugh meant it when he sang “I wanna be there when the people start to turn it around; when they triumph over poverty. I wanna be there when they win the battle against aids….”
…. I wanna be there for the alcoholic; I wanna be there for the drug addict; I wanna be there for the victims of violence and abuse …..Send me!”

He had no hang ups. Hugh was the star that didn’t hang in the sky. He came down so others would shine.

Bro Hugh, may your own sweet strains ease your journey up as you reclaim your place among the stars above.

Sleep well, Bro Hugh. Now, rest….

PS: I’m sorry I didn’t get round to post the card I bought for you. It’s still yours but I get to keep it.



“Time”, the CD I’ve been playing.
His autobiography. He wrote the entire book by hand. I saw drafts.
Hugh with my daughter, Akua Ofeibea
The card I didn’t send…

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