Trump’s Victory: Lessons for the Establishment Everywhere

So Donald Trump said he would shock the world. and he did. He outfoxed his opponents, and left pundits bewildered and reaching inside their souls for answers to that big morning-after question: “What Happened?”
Of course, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote; but the rules are the rules. States that were presumed to be Democrat, turned out to be Republican. And so Trump gathered the required 270 marbles ahead of a stunned Mrs. Clinton.

It appears the mood against the establishment in America was greater than the world & many even in the US may have assumed.

So how could a 70-yrd old man who oozed crassness, bigotry, misogyny, racism, egotism, arrogance and even ignorance beat a reasonable woman who dedicated her entire life to public service, brought minorities under her tent, and understood public policy like an eagle knows the sky?

What does Trump’s victory mean for the rest of the world? what does it portend for the establishment elsewhere? Are there dots that can be connected between the Trump victory and Brexit? And what are the lessons for politicians in Ghana?

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