What’s the purpose of university education?

So what’s the purpose of University education?

Some believe it’s to prepare students with skills and competencies for the job market.
Others say University education is to enable graduates to think, ask questions and solve problems.
Yet others believe knowledge in and of itself for curious minds is adequate reason to go to university.

So what do you think?
What should students study? Finance and Marketing? Engineering and Computer Science? Business Management and Law?
But what about Geography and Botany? or Modern Languages and Literature? or Sociology and Psychology? or Archaelogy and Classics and Music and Dance?
Do we need Astronomers as we do doctors?
Would you respect someone more or less if his/her occupation read “Poet” as against “Accountant”?
Which would you rather be? Tell me why?

Three people are joining me in conversation over drinks on The Lounge tonight: Nii Ayikwei Parkes (Biochemist and Novelist); Prof. Robert Ebo Hinson (Professor of Marketing), and Prof. Kodzo Gavua (Archaeologist and Musician).

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