Who are you? Conversation about identity

Tonight, I’m in conversation with;
Prof Anthony Kwame Appiah, World Renowned Philosopher, Cultural Theorist And Novelist. Forbes Magazine Named him among the world’s 7 Most Powerful Thinkers In 2009. He’s A Prolific Writer & Thinker whose Books Have Been Translated Into Many Languages, Incl. Chinese, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Spanish Hebrew And Korean. He’s taught at some Of the World’s Leading Centres Of Learning: Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Cornell & Duke Universities. Currently teaches Philosophy & Law At NY University.

He Grew Up In Kumasi Before Going To Study At Cambridge. His father was the Politician Joe Appiah. His mother, Peggy, lived In Kumasi & wrote children’s books. She was the daughter Of Sir Stafford Cripps, A Minister in Winston Churchill’s cabinet & Chancellor Of the Exchequer under PM Atlee. Joe & Peggy’s Multi-Racial Romance And Marriage In The UK in 1953 is Believed To have inspired the movie, “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner.” George Padmore was Joe’s bestman.

Identity is one of The Philosophical questions that have engaged Appiah’s intellect. So Who Is He? Who Are We? Why Does It Matter? Or Does It?

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