Women in Change

This week, the world commemorated international women’s day on March 8 with the theme “be bold and lead change.”
There’s a Jewish quote that says God couldn’t be everywhere so he/she made women. Well, so what happened? How did men then take over the world?

In ministerial cabinets, boardrooms, war-rooms and, perhaps even in living rooms, the baritone holds sway. Even so, there is an increasing desire towards making/influencing change and correcting the imbalance to extract value from the talent that lies buried in girls and women.
There are others – women – working in gender-neutral fields quietly, without the accompaniment of brass bands and yet are deserving of notice.

I’ve three such women with me for drinks tonight: Prof. Angela Ofori-Atta, is a clinical psychologist. She’s dedicated her life to mental health and well-being. Dr. Zanetor Rawlings is a medical doctor; she believes it’s time for young women to change the face and innards of politics from within; Georgette Barnes Sakyi-Addo is the founder of women in mining (Ghana) and Accra mining network and Executive Director of Georgette Barnes, a supplier in the mining industry. …and yes, she’s my….

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