Convo with Dr. Thomas Mensah, Renowned Inventor of Fibre Optics

My guest tonight is the man who invented fibre optics, the technology that enables us to receive information via computer at virtually the same time it’s sent no matter where we are.

His name is Thomas Mensah, a Ghanaian born in Kumasi 67 years ago.

He went to Adisadel College in Cape Coast, earned his first degree at the Univ of Science and Technology, and holds a Ph.D in chemical engineering from Montpellier University in France.

He holds many patents in engineering in the US and globally. His work in the United States where he’s lived for 40 years, has led to many breakthroughs in missile technology and the aerospace and telecommunications industry.

Now he’s turning his attention to his motherland. But his focus is on rail. Why?

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