Eureka: Meet the Man Who Found Ghana’s Oil

In 2010, Ghana produced oil in commercial quantities for the first time. It came from the Jubilee Fields in the Western Region.

Since 1896, many companies had sunk millions of dollars in exploration but found dry wells — well, except for sea water. They left one after the other with nothing but sorry stories for investors.

But in 2007, Kosmos, a US company, got lucky with their exploration block. Very lucky. They found oil enough to produce 100,000 barrels/day. Kosmos had a Ghanaian partner, EO Group who was, in fact, the initiator and driver of the project.

EO Group’s CEO is George E. Owusu, a surprisingly modest and humble man. But Owusu’s story comes with a bitter twist, because after 2009 he was sacked by Kosmos and pursued by the Ghanaian government for a raft of alleged crimes he swore were cooked against him.

But once again he triumphed, and has survived to tell his story. George E. Owusu joins me for drinks tonight on #TheLounge at the Equator Bar at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel at 7 pm tonight.


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