History: Conversation with Kojo Yankah & Book Signing

There are men and women who manage – somehow – to keep under the radar even when they’re sitting glaringly on top of it.

When they rock the boat, the occupants presume the random movement to be that of a swaying hammock and are promptly lulled to sleep. Kojo Yankah is one of such men.

He’s a politician without being a “politician”. He’s a PR specialist without coming across as slick and fork-tongued; he’s a teacher but listens; a writer because he reads; a pan-Africanist who embraces the world; he smiles despite trauma and adversity.

How has he calibrated so such delicately for over seven decades?

Kojo Yankah, founder of the African University College of Communications, and author of “Our Motherland, My Life”, a recently-launched autobiography, joins me for drinks on #TheLounge at the Equator Bar at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra.

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