Killing You Softly: Foods and Drugs Without Standards

Many Ghanaian radio and tv stations make money – much of their money from advertising foods, drugs and cosmetics.

Presenters, particularly on local language radio, are brilliant salespeople. They can sell you beachwear in winter and have you tell them to keep the change.

But the standards authorities say a lot of what they tout is unauthorized, harmful and illegal to promote. In short, they’re killing us slowly. Softly.

Medical doctors say a worrying number of patients are dying from illnesses that are caused by these products that are so attractively packaged and touted on the airwaves.

So what can we do to about this phenomenon?

Prof Alex Dodoo is a pharmacologist and he freshly-minted CEO of the Ghana Standards Authority. He joins me for drinks on the lounge tonight along with Adakabre Frimpong-Manso, a local language radio presenter.

What would you like to ask or tell them?


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