Tourism: An Untapped Goldmine

Everyday there’re millions of people all over the world looking for new places to visit, to see and experience for a few days or weeks even. They’re looking for adventure. They want to meet people different from themselves, to eat with them, explore their culture and pick up mementoes. And they have the money to pay for it. They spend billions of dollars every year.

And there are thousands of spectacular places to see and experience: from the mind-boggling pyramids of Egypt to the splendor of South Africa; from the turquoise seas of the Caribbean to the ancient ruins of Greece or Great Zimbabwe; from the nature’s offering of East African safaris to the plastics and neons of Las Vegas. All of these are competing for the attention of travel and tour agents and advisors and ultimately for traveller dollars.

So how is Ghana doing in this competition? How attractive is Ghana? What’s exciting about Ghana? What’s there to see and do in Ghana? Who can we sell a Ghana adventure to?

Tourists spend billions of dollars every year where they go. How can we make more of them come here? What do we need to do to make a sale?

Three people are joining me tonight to discuss this over drinks:
Akwasi Agyeman, the acting CEO of the Ghana Tourism Authority; Mrs. Stella Appenteng who runs Apstar Tours, and Mike Amon Kwafo, an artist and creative consultant.

Join us with your questions and comments.#TheLounge

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